Team: JBs Pie Camp

Total Donations: $34,050
Goal: $10,000  


Team Members

Thank you for purchasing JB's pumpkin pies for your Thanksgiving feast this year.  All proceeds will go to support the Harold Robinson Foundation and will help to send inner city kids to Camp. 

Two pies cost $100 and 5 pies cost $250.

Our goal this year is to sell over 200 pies and raise over $10,000!

Even though you may only need two pies for your Thanksgiving feast, please think about buying additional pies for your co-workers and/or friends as a way to say thank you and provide a wonderful gift of gratitude for someone who has made a difference in your life and/or the life of others.  You can also make an extra donation that will be used to make and deliver pies to families in Watts on the morning of Thanksgiving.

Thank you so much for your support.


JB, Nicole and Olivia

It is the vision of the Harold Robinson Foundation to provide a level playing field for our marginalized community's kids, schools and families. We utilize camp programs as a vehicle for empowerment and change. At Camp Ubuntu, children get the opportunity to experience nature, play, sports, use team-work, learn goal-setting, eat nutritious food and receive mentorship from exceptional counselors and volunteers. These programs are designed to strengthen confidence and independence, build character and develop leadership skills.

In addition to our Camp Ubuntu sleep away camps, the Harold Robinson Foundation brings Camp Ubuntu Watts a summer day camp to Markham Middle School. It also provides parenting workshops and other programs that help positively build community.

Your support in th way of a pie purchase is a  tax-deductible donation.

Thank you for supporting our effort in trying to make a difference in a child's life.

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The Harold Robinson Foundation

It is the vision of the Harold Robinson Foundation to provide a level playing field for our community's underserved children.


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