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Total Donations: $12,031
Goal: $10,000  


Ubuntu In Motion

August 9 thru 15, 2020

Let's Get Movin'!
A benefit for the Harold Robinson Foundation.

UBUNTU IN MOTION a Pedal On The Pier Event

Since 2016 we have volunteered with The Harold Robinson Foundation (HRF) and participated in fundraising efforts to support their Camp Ubuntu programs that send students from some of the hardest hit and underserved communities in South Los Angeles on 3-day weekend retreats and to a 6-week summer camp program. Our family stands with HRF staunchly and unapologetically alongside black communities that, for far too long, have been the most marginalized, most overlooked, and most affected by the despicable specter of injustice.  

HRF is a non-profit (501c3) organization formed in 2009 to help counter social and economic disparities in South Los Angeles and build bridges between diverse student groups through the transformative power of camp.  During the school year HRF brings youth and parents from Watts and Compton out to the Angeles National Forest for a safe, nurturing, and enriching experience at no cost to them, and uses that experience to foster positive discourse, provide tools for reflection, and help young women and men set goals to rewrite the future of their schools and their community. HRF leverages the camp experience as a vehicle for personal empowerment and social change.  Through a diverse set of recreational programs, including the arts, enrichment and athletics, they give campers powerful lessons in community, character-building, leadership development, and healthy living.  During the summer, HRF provides a 6-week summer day camp experience at Markham Middle School in the Watts neighborhood. 

HRF’s work is rooted in the South African philosophy of “Ubuntu,” which means that we rise and fall together as a community.  The literal translation is “I am, because we are” and it represents the respect, love, kindness and connectedness we believe should exist between all people.  Through Ubuntu, young people learn that we must rely on and support each other to ensure success as an individual, as a family, and as community.   We stand by these words always but especially now, and our family is vested, along with HRF and Camp Ubuntu, in being a part of the solution.  

In January of this year Ben (age 16) completed his fourteenth Camp Ubuntu retreat and has personally worked with over 150 elementary and middle school students since he began volunteering with HRF at the age of 12.  Brian has reupped his commitment to HRF for another two years as a member of the Board of Directors.  Ellynne continues to help HRF fundraise each year so that students, their parents, chaperones and educators can participate in the Camp Ubuntu programs free of charge.

With the current pandemic putting HRF’s annual Pedal On The Pier fundraiser on hold due to social distancing, our family will take part in a virtual fundraising event called Ubuntu in Motion, where participants will do something physical every day for philanthropy.  From Sunday, August 9th through Saturday, August 15th members of our team – Easy Riders -- will take part in a daily physical fitness activity.  All efforts will support the Harold Robinson Foundation’s COVID Relief Fund.  Money raised for this event will be used to purchase and provide healthy food and supplies for under-resourced families so they can continue the Camp Ubuntu COVID compliant activities to keep students engaged during this very challenging time as the South Los Angeles community needs our help now more than ever.


$10,000          Virtual Camp Programming Expansion.  Camp Ubuntu Watts Phase II will   continue to give campers a safe space virtually with camp like programming streaming during the week via Zoom and interactive videos. All Zoom activities will be led by a specialist or counselor.  Funding covers planning, programming, social media, camper recruitment, camp in a box with all supplies including t-shirt, yoga mat, arts & craft supplies, healthy snacks.               

$6,500           Winter/Spring 2021 Vacation Camp Experience for 25 students at $260  per person.  Vacation Camp is a week-long camp experience that takes  placed in Watts during the winter break and spring break.

$3,500           Winter/Spring 2021 3-day Weekend Retreat Experience for 10 students at $350 per person.  Retreats take place at Canyon Creek in the Angeles  National Forest during the school year and will be COVID-complaint, in-person camping experiences.

$2,000             Covers the cost for one chartered bus to drive students to and from HRF/Camp Ubuntu for one Winter/Spring 2021 3-day Weekend Retreat Experience.

$1,000            Programming Impact will help fund HRF behind the scenes.  Our team  works to manage all the logistics, organization, and administrative needs necessary to ensure camp is successful, freeing up counselors to focus solely on providing their full attention to campers whether it be during Virtual Camp, Vacation Camp or a 3-day Weekend Retreat Experience.

$500               Covers the cost for 10 campers to participate in a one-week Virtual Camp Program Experience.  

$350               Educational Games Kit for One Counselor and ten campers. This is a fun way to help prepare campers to go back to school.  Between transitioning to a virtual learning system, to processing the trauma of a pandemic, to different learning styles, many experts believe spring’s virtual school slowed down learning for students.  Providing educational games and activities is a way to provide in-person education once again while also helping students prepare for their new grade ahead.

$260              Covers the cost for 1 student to participate in a one-week Winter/Spring 2021 Vacation Camp Experience.

$200               Health and Safety Kits for One Counselor and ten campers.  A lot goes into maintaining a safe and sanitized environment for small outdoor group activities.  These kits will allow campers and counselor to create an environment that is equal parts fun and interactive for the campers, while also providing many different options to abide by the expert recommendations for health and safety including hand sanitizer, face masks, gloves, etc.

$100               Sponsor A Counselor.  We have a group of counselors guiding our campers through virtual Ubuntu programming.  They connect with all campers in small groups as well as one-on-one in order to maximize the camp experience.

$50                 Camp Ubuntu Watts Outdoor Activities Equipment kit  for one camper.  To abide by all health and safety regulations, activities that share equipment are not practical.  Instead, outdoor activity kits are provided to each camper so they can be active. 

 $30                 Back to School supplies for one student including pens, pencils, notebooks, art supplies, and a backpack to hold everything.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and for donating generously!  Your contribution means the world to our family, and to all of the students who will be able to participate in these amazing programs.

With sincere gratitude, peace, love and Ubuntu,
Brian, Benjamin and Ellynne Greenbaum
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