Rider: Kiana Ross

Total Donations: $2,590
Goal: $500  


Pedal On The Pier

Sunday, June 2, 2019

100 Bikes. 100 Miles. We Spin, Kids Win.
A benefit for the Harold Robinson Foundation.

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Hi All!

Thank you for visiting the Melissa Nalani team fundraising page! We are going to ride a 100 miles to raise money for one of my sister's favorite foundations, the Harold Robinson Foundation, which gives under-served kids the opportunity to go to summer camp, and provides other important services to communities in need. In my sister's own words...

"There’s a place called Watts in South Central Los Angeles that’s near and dear to my heart. It is one of the poorest and most isolated communities in LA, with few resources, failing schools and high levels of gang violence. Despite the odds stacked against this community, there are many amazing and audacious people in Watts who are working to create new opportunities, foster hope, and improve the life chances of the children growing up there. The community of Watts has come together to fundraise for a wonderful opportunity for its youth, which I am proud to take part in:


This summer the kids living in Watts’ public housing developments have the chance to go to camp through the Harold Robinson Foundation, where they can experience nature, build friendships across gang territories, learn and grow, and - perhaps most importantly - just get to be kids for a week.

In an effort to support this amazing camp program, I am participating in the Pedal on the Pier fundraiser so that the Harold Robinson Foundation can send kids from 20 different inner-city neighborhoods to camp, including Watts. My team and I will be riding 100 miles alongside many others in order to raise money for this great cause.

Please, if you have the ability, help support giving the kids in Watts this opportunity. It only takes a minute to donate and no donation is too small. Seriously. Every dollar counts and will move us closer to providing this experience to so many deserving and wonderful kids."

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The Harold Robinson Foundation

It is the vision of the Harold Robinson Foundation to provide a level playing field for our community's underserved children.


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