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Pedal On The Pier

Sunday, June 3, 2018

100 Bikes. 100 Miles. We Spin, Kids Win.
A benefit for the Harold Robinson Foundation.

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Hello, below I included a one-page piece I wrote for my community service program called Camp Ubuntu and it will explain what the camp does. The camp runs purely off of the donations gained from this annual fundraiser. The cost to send one kid to camp is $250, but I'm not asking for that much. Any donation helps but the more you donate the more kids get to have this amazing experience. My ultimate goal is $5,000 which will send 20 kids up to camp. Thank you so much in advance!


I have been going to camp at Canyon Creek Summer Camp for the past eight years of my life. I can hands-down say it has been the most important and life-changing experience for me. The owners of the camp founded the Harold Robinson Foundation to help give kids in the inner city and Watts community the chance to go to camp. They called it Camp Ubuntu. I chose to pursue this project because I know how special camp is and wanted to give young people in troubled neighborhoods the opportunity to experience camp life. Camp Ubuntu is a three-day long retreat where we bring these kids up to Canyon Creek and let them enjoy their first ever camp experience. Most of these kids have never swum in a pool, gazed at the stars, or even played with their fellow classmates outside. They get to do all these things and much more. They not only have the time of their lives, but they learn vital skills like leadership and respect, and what a family is. The goal is to teach these kids tools that they can bring back into their communities and share. During this camp, they get to try so many new things like the ropes course, hike, cook, play games, and attend councils. They also get to enjoy three very good meals a day (which is a rarity for most of them). What these children have been through is tragic and unfair and it has become my passion to get them on a path of success and happiness. During one council two years ago, the group talked about what they hear at home that they don’t hear at camp. These 7, 8, and 9-year-olds responses included things like gunshots, gang bangers, fighting, sirens, and many more disturbing things. It made me take a reality check and realize how lucky I am to have a house, a family that loves me, and three meals a day. I realized how simple things like dance, songs, and just talking can be taken for granted. It is really the small things in life that can bring you happiness. That is just the beginning of how blessed we have all been. By the end of this trip, the kids are trying to do whatever they can to give back to you. On my first trip, my group gave me a rock we found on a hike and a blue stone in a plastic bag. I still sleep by these every single night to remember these amazing kids. At the end of both retreats, not only are all the kids and adults crying because of how life-changing the experience was but so am I. I always get very emotional because of how much I will truly miss each and every student. The experience has built a passion in me to help kids in life that have just been dealt the wrong cards. I will continue to give back to these communities as long as I live and will continue to partake in Ubuntu for a long time. This August, I will be part of the youth advisory board for Ubuntu so I can take on even more of a leadership role in this amazing organization. This will allow me to do more retreats, plan fundraisers, and just share the knowledge that comes from Ubuntu. I would recommend this to anyone between the age of 14 and 100 because it is one thing to help yourself, but it is so much more fulfilling to help others. You will impact so many amazing people in the world and help guide them to a great life.


Thank You,

Jackson Alpin

P.S. (If you would like to talk more personally about this fundraiser feel free to call me at 310-740-0544)


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