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Total Donations: $20,707
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Pedal On The Pier

Sunday, June 3, 2018

100 Bikes. 100 Miles. We Spin, Kids Win.
A benefit for the Harold Robinson Foundation.

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100 miles!  100 bikes!  100 teams!
Together we hope to raise $1 million to send inner city kids to camp!
Santa Monica Pier • Sunday, June 3, 2018


Six years ago, at age 8, I began attending Canyon Creek Summer Camp.  My parents understood the importance of spending time at an overnight camp.  Over the years I have become more confident and independent, experienced success, gained resiliency, unplugged from technology, developed social skills, learned about teamwork and the importance of communication and supporting others.

Three years ago, at age 12, I began volunteering as a CIT (Counselor In Training) with their non-profit organization, The Harold Robinson Foundation (HRF)/Camp Ubuntu.  HRF brings youth, parents and educators from Watts and Compton to Canyon Creek for a safe, nurturing, and enriching experience at no cost to them.  We use this experience to foster positive interaction with one another, and help young people understand how they can alter the future of their school and community for the better. 

I have since participated in ten (10) Camp Ubuntu retreats since 2016.  Although I am close in age to many of the campers I volunteer to work with, the participants – young and old – treat me in the same regard as the adult staff.  Through this incredible experience that HRF has given me, and all that I have learned as a camper myself, I have seen first hand the benefits of the Camp Ubuntu program, the joy and happiness it brings to the students, their parents and their teachers, and the changes that occur over the course of each 3-day retreat I have been involved with.  The kids learn as much from me about confidence, independence, kindness and nurturing others as I learn from them.

For the last two years ago my Mom and Dad joined me to raise money for HRF’s Camp Ubuntu program by participating in their annual PEDAL ON THE PIER event.  All fundraising dollars go towards paying for a diverse set of recreational programs including arts, enrichment and athletics. We give participants powerful lessons in community, character-building, leadership development, and healthy living.*  In addition to the Camp Ubuntu retreats throughout the school year that serves 1600 students, 400 chaperones and 200 staff members, HRF brings summer camp to Markham Middle School in Watts each summer.  The camp is free of charge to students that live in the area and serves 200 kids a day for six weeks!

Each year my family has met its fundraising goal with your help, and the help of so many others.  This year, Team Easy Rider’s goal is to raise a total of $75,000.  I would be so grateful if you would click the DONATE button to the right and make a secure TAX-DEDUCTIBLE DONATION that will help us reach this amount. 

Many of the kids I have met live in one-parent homes, have family members that are incarcerated, lost loved ones through gang violence or drugs, live with family members other than their parents, or worse, live in the foster care system.  I know there are a million non-profit organizations to contribute to, and many of you will never come in contact with the amazing students and parents that I have, but the difference your donation will make in their lives and their future, is priceless.  

Please take a moment to make a secure TAX-DEDUCTIBLE DONATION today.  The following is a list of what gifts like yours will pay for:

• $2,500 supports our minimum fundraising commitment to participate in Pedal On The Pier.
• $2,250 pays for two students to attend HRF’s Watts Day camp for six weeks.
• $1,800 covers the cost of one chartered bus to drive student to/from camp for a weekend.
• $1,250 pays for five students to attend a weekend camp retreat.
• $ 750 pays for three students to attend a weekend camp retreat.
• $ 500 pays for two students to attend a weekend camp retreat.
• $ 375 pays to send one student to HRF’s Watts day camp for one week.
• $ 250 pays for one student to attend a weekend camp retreat.
• $ 100 represents every mile of Pedal On The Pier that we will ride.
• $ 75 pays to send one student to Watts day camp for one day.

Last year, with your help, The Harold Robinson Foundation surpassed its fundraising goal and collected over $1 million dollars in donations.  This year, with your continued support, we can meet that goal.  Please click the DONATE button to make a secure TAX-DEDUCTIBLE DONATION.

Thank you again for taking a few minutes to read this and for donating generously!  Your donation not only means the world to my family and my Easy Riders teammates, but to all of the students who will be given a chance to participate in this amazing program.

With sincerest gratitude,
Benjamin Greenbaum


* excerpted from HaroldRobinsonFoundation.org

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