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Total Donations: $47,236
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Pedal On The Pier

Sunday, June 4, 2017

100 Bikes. 100 Miles. We Spin, Kids Win.
A benefit for the Harold Robinson Foundation.

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100 miles! 100 bikes! 100 teams!
Together we hope to raise $1 million to send inner city kids to camp!

In 2013, my youngest son Ben began attending Canyon Creek Summer Camp and it soon became his favorite place on earth.  Soon after, and completely on his own volition, he started volunteering for the non–profit organization tied to the camp, The Harold Robinson Foundation (HRF).  HRF provides camp programs to inner-city, under-served children throughout the course of the year and Ben has participated in multiple weekend camp retreats that bring these children to camp for a life changing experience.  Due to his involvement, my wife and I have attended many of the weekend closing ceremonies.  Each time we visit Camp Ubuntu, it brings us so much joy to see not only the impact the experience has on our 13-year old, but also to hear how the program alters and improves the thinking of the students, their parents, and all the teachers that participate.  

In addition to Ben’s personal involvement with HRF that will continue throughout the years ahead, I was humbled and honored when the Founders asked me to join the Board this year, a request I gladly accepted.  Ben and I certainly understand the importance of attending summer camp from the carefree hours spent playing sports and swimming, to hanging out with friends and not having to worry about your safety, to breathing the clean, fresh air and being surrounded by the beauty of nature.  Sadly, the children that attend Camp Ubuntu only get to experience this due to the generous giving from people like you.

Therefore, Ben, along with his two life-long friends, and myself will once again ride 100 miles in 5 hours to raise money to offset the cost of these camp programs.  I would be so grateful if you would click the link to the right and make a TAX-DEDUCTIBLE DONATION that will help us meet our team goal.  

I know there are a million things to contribute to, and I'm asking that you contribute to this because of the difference it makes in our city.  HRF works with children from all the public schools in the Watts area of Los Angeles.  Many of the kids we have met live in one-parent homes, have family members that are incarcerated, lost loved ones through gang violence or drugs, live with family members other than their parents, or worse, live in the foster care system.  The resources seem to be less available in the inner city than where Ben lives, just 30 miles away.  HRF has been able to service over 10,000 kids in the past 6 years and with our help, they are looking to continue for the next 10 years!  HRF brings families and communities together in a unique way that promotes community building at the most basic levels!   They also provide a summer day camp that is free of charge to children that live in the Watts area.  The day camp will serve 200 kids a day this year for 6 weeks straight!

Please take a moment to make a TAX-DEDUCTIBLE DONATION right now!  

Select a Gift Level:

• $25,000 covers the cost of 100 students to attend a weekend camp retreat.

• $12,500 covers the cost of 50 students to attend a weekend camp retreat.

• $7,500 covers one-fifth of my fundraising goal for my Pedal On The Pier team this year.

• $6,250 pays for 1 fourth or fifth grade class to attend a weekend camp retreat.

• $4,500 pays for two students to attend HRF’s Watts day camp for six weeks.


• $2,500 supports our minimum fundraising commitment to participate in Pedal on the Pier.

• $2,250 pays for 1 student to attend HRF’s Watts day camp for six weeks.

• $1,800 covers the cost of one chartered bus to drive students to and from camp for the weekend.

• $1,250 pays for 5 students to attend a weekend camp retreat.

• $750 pays for 3 students to attend a weekend camp retreat.

• $375 pays to send one student to HRF’s Watts day camp for one week.

• $250 pays for 1 student to attend a weekend camp retreat.

• $200 doubles your support for every mile of Pedal On The Pier.

• $100 represents every mile of Pedal On The Pier.

• $75 pays to send one student to Watts day camp for one day.

• Choose another amount

HRF — through Pedal On The Pier -- is trying to reach one million dollars this year just to maintain what they started, and we can't do it alone! Please make your TAX-DEDUCTIBLE DONATION today.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this and for donating!  Your donation not only means the world to Ben and me, but to all the children who will be given a chance to participate in this amazing program.




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